Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome back - it's been a hard couple of months!

Hey everyone, I stopped posting on the blog for a couple of months and
the performance of my stock portfolio went down big time. I am now
below where I started in July 2006. I starting shorting stocks,
trading on margin and all the things you're not supposed to do and I
kept earning - then it all hit me in the face.

I currently hold 16 stocks and 30% of my portfolio is stocks owned on
margin which I am paying for. As bad as it has been there is only one
stock that is really killing me - Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Every day that I go to check the chart, I cringe as it has
unbelievably gone down yet again! Day after day, it is very hard to
watch all your hard earned money go down like that. I really do not
want to sell at this point as that is probably the worst thing you can
do at this point.

Considering the mutual funds and markets have all been down over the
past month and it might seem hard now as the Christmas bills begin to
roll in - you really need to try to get some money in now at these low
levels and get the bounce back!

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