Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Portfolio as of January 27, 2008

Well, I'm about to show you my portfolio with current positions. I know that I have too many stocks and I am in over my head. I'm actually trading on margin alot more lately, trying to make a big move.

If you remember my big position that was really hurting me was Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). I had purchased 230 shares of it back in November at around $12 and in the following two months I watched it quickly sink to under $6 at one point. I realized I'd need it to jump more than 100% just to get back to my cost base. I really hated this stock. Watching it go down day after day was very frustrating. So it recently made a jump up to the high $7's on speculation that IBM was going to be taking them over. So at that point I sold all my shares and actually shorted AMD (risky, I know). The shares continued to rise in the following days but on Friday it took a 5% dip as the speculation of an IBM takeover died down.

I've tried to ignore some of my longer term positions lately and just concentrate on buying some stocks so I can watch them throughout the day. I recently purchased LULU and it had a 5% spike - so I sold.

Another recent trade was Colgate (CL), just before they reported earnings I shorted it. However, the stock has not moved up or down since announcing earnings.

Stay tuned in the following weeks as I trim down my portfolio and try to take some calculated risks in order to get a big return!

I've deposited a total of $10,700 into the brokerage account and if I liquidated all my positions now I would only be able to cash out $9,500 (so that is very frustrating).

Any tips or comments would be appreciated.

NameSymbolLast priceChangeSharesCost basisMkt valueGainGain %

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.AMD7.15-0.43-2001430-1430573.99, Inc.AMZN77.6-0.0710849776-73-8.6

Bank of MontrealBMO55.4-0.894023442216-128-5.46

Avis Budget Group Inc.CAR11.43-0.2230495342.9-152.1-30.73

Canadian Imperial Venture Corp.CQV0.070.0150003003505016.67

Google Inc.GOOG566.4-8.0921357.841132.8-225.04-16.57

Imperial Oil LimitedIMO49.180.8520934.8983.648.85.22

Kimberly-Clark CorporationKMB64.08-0.3510700640.8-59.2-8.46

Leap Wireless International, Inc.LEAP38.95-0.1917698.87662.15-36.72-5.25

Lexmark International, Inc.LXK28.02-0.614016261120.8-505.2-31.07

Messina Minerals Inc.MMI0.420.02500435210-225-51.72

Rutter Inc.RUT0.270.01500305135-170-55.74

Sony Corporation (ADR)SNE46.69-0.820935.4933.8-1.6-0.17

Toronto-Dominion BankTD66.28-1.02251701.51657-44.5-2.62

Tristar Oil & Gas LimitedTOG12.680.025046763416735.76

Walgreen CompanyWAG34.28-0.7120806.4685.6-120.8-14.98

Lululemon Athletica inc.LULU30.67-1.44

Yahoo! Inc.YHOO21.940.25-751645.5-1645.5-134.25-8.16

Colgate-Palmolive CompanyCL73.75-0.71-201475-1475-1.6-0.11


Bubs said...

Do you trade based on any technicaly or fundamental analysis? I don't swing trade but I know for sure right now is not the time to be holding a lot of open positions.

dawger said...

Hey bubs,

I've been kind of winging it right now and then I find it hard to close a position that I have a loss in.

How do you suggest I clean this up? Do I just sell them all off ignoring the losses and start over?

Bubs said...

I have no experience swing trading so I don't want to give you any advice. You should always have stop losses in place for all your trades.

dawger said...

I don't have enough capital to day trade right now, swing trades is all I can do. So I'll continue with that and try to dabble in the other methods as the capital becomes available.