Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1/30/08: Covered my YHOO short and went long at $18.88

Hoping for a bonuce back here, maybe investors react to the job cutting or the fed decision and possibly a short squeeze since the easy money is made on the short side now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Just In: GE is Bankrupt - LOL

YHOO guides down & LXK suprises

Just before the close of the market I added to my YHOO short 100 shares, so 175 in total. The stock is down 10% in after-hours trading right now.

LXK annouced a great quarter and shot up 15% today.

Assuming I can cover the YHOO short tomorrow at the levels it is trading at in the after market - my portfolio went up about $550 today which is >5% return! Pretty nice considering the way the market has been treating me lately.

01/29/08: Lexmark (LXK) Beat Street Expectations

Great news this morning is that Lexmark (LXK) Beat Street Expectations and has rose 12% in the premarket.

But there is bad news on YHOO pre-earnings annoucement, Cramer's cronies seem to think good things are in store with the article: Own Yahoo? Lucky you.

We'll see how the day progresses.

Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28, 2007 Final Results

Ended up being up $120 for the day.

AMD and YHOO shorts canceled out since they went in opposite directions.

BMO and LXK were the two big winners netting $107 profit.

Tomorrow will be interesting to see how the market reacts with the pending Fed meeting and also how YHOO moves as they are set to put out results at the close of the market tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 28, 2008

With the overseas markets declining this morning on rate-cut concerns.

Pre-market shows the following good news for my recent tech shorts:

AMD down 1.26%
YHOO down 1.37%

Afternoon update:

Market appears to be fairly stable awaiting the Fed meeting coming up later in the week (even with the overseas selling off pretty hard).

I'm up about $80 today based on YHOO being down over 4% (earnings come out after the close on Tuesday - really hard to say where this will go). The consensus appears to be that they have it priced into the stock and it should not re-act much after earnings. I'll decide tomorrow or later today if I'll get out.

The rest of my stocks are up and down, netting to no real change.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trading Losses

I'm sure you've all read about the French trader who lost 7.1 billion dollars recently. Can't wait for the Made for TV Movie

Browsing the interweb tonight, I came across the wikipedia article that summarizes traders who have realized over $100 million in trading losses.

My Portfolio as of January 27, 2008

Well, I'm about to show you my portfolio with current positions. I know that I have too many stocks and I am in over my head. I'm actually trading on margin alot more lately, trying to make a big move.

If you remember my big position that was really hurting me was Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). I had purchased 230 shares of it back in November at around $12 and in the following two months I watched it quickly sink to under $6 at one point. I realized I'd need it to jump more than 100% just to get back to my cost base. I really hated this stock. Watching it go down day after day was very frustrating. So it recently made a jump up to the high $7's on speculation that IBM was going to be taking them over. So at that point I sold all my shares and actually shorted AMD (risky, I know). The shares continued to rise in the following days but on Friday it took a 5% dip as the speculation of an IBM takeover died down.

I've tried to ignore some of my longer term positions lately and just concentrate on buying some stocks so I can watch them throughout the day. I recently purchased LULU and it had a 5% spike - so I sold.

Another recent trade was Colgate (CL), just before they reported earnings I shorted it. However, the stock has not moved up or down since announcing earnings.

Stay tuned in the following weeks as I trim down my portfolio and try to take some calculated risks in order to get a big return!

I've deposited a total of $10,700 into the brokerage account and if I liquidated all my positions now I would only be able to cash out $9,500 (so that is very frustrating).

Any tips or comments would be appreciated.

NameSymbolLast priceChangeSharesCost basisMkt valueGainGain %

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.AMD7.15-0.43-2001430-1430573.99, Inc.AMZN77.6-0.0710849776-73-8.6

Bank of MontrealBMO55.4-0.894023442216-128-5.46

Avis Budget Group Inc.CAR11.43-0.2230495342.9-152.1-30.73

Canadian Imperial Venture Corp.CQV0.070.0150003003505016.67

Google Inc.GOOG566.4-8.0921357.841132.8-225.04-16.57

Imperial Oil LimitedIMO49.180.8520934.8983.648.85.22

Kimberly-Clark CorporationKMB64.08-0.3510700640.8-59.2-8.46

Leap Wireless International, Inc.LEAP38.95-0.1917698.87662.15-36.72-5.25

Lexmark International, Inc.LXK28.02-0.614016261120.8-505.2-31.07

Messina Minerals Inc.MMI0.420.02500435210-225-51.72

Rutter Inc.RUT0.270.01500305135-170-55.74

Sony Corporation (ADR)SNE46.69-0.820935.4933.8-1.6-0.17

Toronto-Dominion BankTD66.28-1.02251701.51657-44.5-2.62

Tristar Oil & Gas LimitedTOG12.680.025046763416735.76

Walgreen CompanyWAG34.28-0.7120806.4685.6-120.8-14.98

Lululemon Athletica inc.LULU30.67-1.44

Yahoo! Inc.YHOO21.940.25-751645.5-1645.5-134.25-8.16

Colgate-Palmolive CompanyCL73.75-0.71-201475-1475-1.6-0.11

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome back - it's been a hard couple of months!

Hey everyone, I stopped posting on the blog for a couple of months and
the performance of my stock portfolio went down big time. I am now
below where I started in July 2006. I starting shorting stocks,
trading on margin and all the things you're not supposed to do and I
kept earning - then it all hit me in the face.

I currently hold 16 stocks and 30% of my portfolio is stocks owned on
margin which I am paying for. As bad as it has been there is only one
stock that is really killing me - Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Every day that I go to check the chart, I cringe as it has
unbelievably gone down yet again! Day after day, it is very hard to
watch all your hard earned money go down like that. I really do not
want to sell at this point as that is probably the worst thing you can
do at this point.

Considering the mutual funds and markets have all been down over the
past month and it might seem hard now as the Christmas bills begin to
roll in - you really need to try to get some money in now at these low
levels and get the bounce back!