Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Roundup

Nothing exciting going on with my portfolio today. I guess good news is no news after the past couple of weeks we have all had. Watched my portfolio do nothing again today - even though I have two penny stocks that could win or lose me a nice chunk of the portfolio, its still boring.

Tim Hortons Inc (THI.TO) $1,700 - Still considering dumping this position and moving to something else. Been reading around on it and apparently the pressure in Canada for drive-thru's to be eliminated in an effort to become more green is making the rounds. People are speculating that this will have a negative impact on Tim's earning since this is where the majority of their revenue comes from. I find this hard to believe, the fact that the will be outlawed and even if it was there would have to be some sort of grand-fathering for the existing business' that have drive-thru's constructed.

Kimberly Clarke Corp (KMB) $734 - Reliable KMB took a little nose dive when I first acquired it but I'm almost back to even now as it sits around $70 a share. The test will be to see if it can get through this level of resistance and get to $75 in the next couple of quarters.

Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) $667 - This position has been a bit of a roller coaster since the purchase because of the sub-prime fisaco that took place (taking place?) in the US. I think the majority of people felt this price was unfairly knocked down and it has since rebounded.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) $635 - AMD was a calculated gamble by me and so far it has not been very lucky, down 13%. Intel has taken over the market in the past couple of years but the traditional ebb and flow in this industry points to AMD making a come back. Besides, they have nice products in the hopper, they just need to convert this to some market share gains.

Lemark (LXK) $581 - I purchased this after LXK guided down for future revenues and the stock took a beating. On a high level, I like to think that people over hype the paperless office and that printer companies can still make money. I've recently purchased a Lexmark printer and its ability to do Wifi printing is amazing. I've read that they have won awards with their printers already on the market.

Canadian Imperial Venture Corp (CQV.V) $450 - This company is traded on the Venture exchange. They have many oil plays in Western Newfoundland and in Alberta. Recently they have been in the news again since Newfoundland has struck a deal to develop another large oil well on the East Coast. This is highly risky and could easily go to zero any day, therefore it may not be for most people.

Real Resources (RER) $409 - This positon has been merged with another one and ended up losing money. I'll get the details on this later when I have access to my brokerage account.

Stratos Global (SGB.TO) $677 - Waiting for the takeover offer to go through at $7.00/share.

Rutter Inc. (RUT.TO) $260 - Will wait it out to see if their latest acquisition can improve their financial results

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