Monday, October 8, 2007

October Portfolio update

Currently I have a few more losers than winners in my portfolio. I have no problem ditching my winners and cashing in when I am up money but I find it hard to let go and sell at a loss.

Here are a list of my winners right now:

Apple (AAPL) up $163 (25%)
Sony (SNE) up $64 (7%)
Tim Hortons (THI.TO) $103 (6%)

My losers include:

Rutter (RUT.TO) down $67 (22%)
Canadian Imperial Venture Corp (CQV.V) down $107 (18%)
General Motors (GM) down $164 (18%)
Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) down $34 (5%)
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) down $12 (2%)
Walgreens (WAG) down $25 (3%)
Tristar Oil and Gas (TOG.TO) down $20 (4%)
Messina (MMI.TO) down $12 (3%)
Lexmark (LXK) down $20 (1%)

Got any suggestions on stocks I should dump or add? I am thinking about dumping Tim Hortons either just before earnings release or after. I have a feeling it is going to be a good one but it will already be priced into the stock. So therefore, I may sell on the day of release and hopefully get out at the top!

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